Spanky Features: Operation Blankets of Love

Since January 2008 OBOL's mission has been to improve the health of homeless animals and increase their chances for survival and adoption. We aim to eliminate animal homelessness and euthanasia.

We accomplish this by:

> Donating pet food, treats, blankets, towels, pet beds, leashes, collars, toys, crates, pet clothes and other supplies to shelters, rescue groups, pets of the homeless, animal transporters, foster caretakers, and wildlife sanctuaries,

> Advocating for animal welfare through service-oriented humane education to 1,000s of children each year.

> Promoting "Adoption is the Best Option."

> Donating pet food and supplies to homeless and low-income pet owners including veterans, the disabled, families, seniors, and people of all backgrounds.

OBOL donates crucial food and pet supplies to animal shelters and rescue groups across the United States. In other words, we rescue the rescuers.

Comfort items keep shelter pets off the ground, insulate them from drafty, cold floors, cushion their joints, and provide each animal its own space.

By donating a blanket, you actually save two lives: One life when an animal is adopted and another life when that vacancy in the shelter makes room for another homeless animal.

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