Our Team

Tara Sitser                Art Brickman

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Tara Sitser

Owner / Designer / Live Event Specialist

With more than 20 years of experience in planning, creating and running  live events, Tara has managed projects for individuals, groups and theatrical production companies. Her passion is for serving the needs of her clients and for getting the details right. 


Clients include:  Pacific Festival Ballet, The Pantages Theater L.A., The Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, UCLA External Relations Division,The Academy for New Musical Theater and the Musical Theater Guild.

Tara has a track record of saving the day,  saving the show and saving her client's sanity. She has stepped in on short notice to rescue weddings with MIA coordinators, located resources for clients who live out of town, taken the reins on shows that needed stage managers, untangled the logistics for parties, conferences, benefits, weddings, theatrical presentations and more.

She is also a lifelong animal lover and is dedicated to contributing to the world of Animal Welfare.

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Art Brickman

Live Event Specialist / Production Stage Manager

Art Brickman has been a coordinator of theatrical and special events throughout his working life.  As a professional Stage Manager, he’s worked on musical productions at many theaters in Los Angeles, including the Pantages, the Ricardo Montalban and the Hollywood Bowl.  Art has lent his management skills to Benefits at many locations including the Pasadena Playhouse, the House of Blues and the Playboy Mansion.   He’s worked from San Diego to Thousand Oaks, from Santa Barbara to Gilroy, from Houston to Anchorage.


His love of animals has been lifelong as well.  From his first parakeet, to a pair of rescued pit-mixes to the current family member, ToQer, a Senegal parrot (not to mention being “Uncle Art” to many friend’s pets for whom he’s pet-sitting when the chance arises) Art is always drawn to animals.  Onstage he’s worked with dogs, a horse, a duck, a goat, and a few actors who qualified as well.  He has filled in “between shows” with a temporary job at a dog-boarding clinic, and volunteered at a horse rescue sanctuary.


Combining his love of animals with his love of “getting it done” as smoothly as can be, Art is proud to be part of the Saving Spanky team.