Original illustration Spanky kitty in tree ladder annotation chair grass plats branches whimsy
Jill Freeman
Artist & Spanky's Mom
Jill &Spanky 2 w border.jpg

So Who Is Spanky & Why Did he need Saving?


Tara Says: 

Spanky is an adorable kitten who found his forever home with my dear friends Jill Freeman & Joel Wachbrit.  When Spanky was a 6-month old kitty he chewed a hole through a screen, got out of the house and climbed a Very Tall Tree.  Jill drew this delightful illustration of Spanky Very High Up in the tree in front of their house.  I was able to help Save Spanky by finding


Cloud Nine Tree Climbing.


They knew how to  climb the Very Tall Tree and rescue Spanky.

Look up at the top of the illustration. You can see Spanky's little kitty face peeking out between the branches.

Humor & Heart by Jill Freeman