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Get to know artists who capture the love we give to, and get from, the animals in our lives.

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Cool Bird Illustration by Jill Freeman
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Artwork by Jill Freeman

This Month's Featured Artist

Jeannie Willets head shot.png
Jeannie Willets

 Artist / Singer-Songwriter

I started drawing when I was very young. In kindergarten, I drew a picture of Pinocchio that was so close to the likeness of Disney’s that the principle of the school, Mr. Renner, asked me if he could have it. He framed it and hung it in his office. Many years later I saw that it was still there, hanging on his wall! I was so touched and never forgot that.


Though I continued doing art, I started writing songs at age 15. Since then, I have written hundreds of songs, released three albums, and perform regularly throughout Los Angeles.


I have always loved animals and have almost always had a pet in my home. For almost 20 years I had a beautiful Russian Blue cat named, Muffin.















But sadly, she has since passed over the rainbow bridge. We loved her with all our heart and still miss her so much that I wrote a song for her called, “You’ll Never Really Be Gone,”. (Soon to be released. Stay tuned for news of my new album available soon!)


Among other songs I have written about animals is this one, called, “Pretty Bird Outside My Window,”


Listen here:


These beautiful little House Finches come to my front porch every year to have their babies in the nest in our porch lamp. They inspired a painting, included in the gallery of my work below.


My most recent creative project is a series called “Inspiring Tiles”.  These are images painted on ceramic with inspirational quotes that I have received from nature plus a companion book which offers insight into my personal experience of allowing nature to be my guide.


 Thank you so much for checking out my artwork and music! Wishing you many blessings!


Jeannie Willets - Artist

Jeannie does “Pet Portraits”!

Call for more information: (818) 541-7793.



Jeannie Willets – Singer/Songwriter

Book Jeannie for a private party, special event, or House Concert

E-mail: or call (818) 541-7793.


Listen to samples of Jeannie’s music at:


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